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Sneak Peek: Rimrider by L.A. Kelley with Giveaway

Rimrider Adventures, Book One
by L.A. Kelley
YA Space Opera
269 pages

Teenager Jane Benedict is awakened by her father and ordered to memorize a mysterious code. Hours later, Mathias Benedict is dead and Jane and her brother, Will, are wards of United Earth Corporation. To evade the company's murderous clutches and uncover the meaning of her father’s last message, Jane leads Will on a desperate escape across the galaxy aboard the Freetrader smuggler ship, Solar Vortex. Tangled in the crew’s fight against UEC, Jane saves the life of young smuggler Maclan Sawyer and learns her father’s code identifies a secret cargo shipment that can spell doom for the entire Freetrader cause and the extinction of an alien race.

Piracy, intrigue, romance, and a daring rebellion from Earth wait on the planet Rimrock. Will Jane answer the call to adventure and find new purpose on the galactic rim or will death for high treason be her fate?


The vibrations increased. Jane peered in fascination at the screen as the umbilical gangway detached from the ship and retracted into the building. With a jarring bump that drew a gasp from Will, the ship began a slow taxi. After a sharp turn, the Solar Vortex moved into position dead center between two rows of parallel blinking lights bordering the runway. With the effect of perspective, they angled toward each other. The lights seemed to meet at a single glowing dot in the distance—a shining arrow pointing to an unwritten future.

Heart pounding, a strange tingling sensation raced up Jane’s arms. Her mind lifted on a cloud of elation. She and Will had slipped from the grasp of the zebras, no longer chained to mindless certifications and pointless exams. She peered at the monitor, but couldn’t see past the last light in the darkness. There was no way for her to tell what lay in store after that.

Jane smiled. Nor did she care.

“Solar Vortex, this is Port Control. You have final clearance.”

“Roger, Port Control,” said Captain Kwan. “Sixty seconds until go.”

Bright red numerals materialized, floating in the middle of the 3D display. Will counted out loud. “Sixty…fifty-nine…fifty-eight…”

The engines revved. The ship trembled like a racehorse at the starting gate.

Seconds ticked away. Will’s voice rose in pitch. “Twenty-five…twenty-four…”

The shuddering increased. Lights in the cabin winked out. The only illumination now came from the soft glow of the monitor.

Will shouted above the roar of the engines. “…ten…nine…”

Jane held her mother’s ring tight against her chest.


The acceleration slammed them against the seats. Jane’s heart pounded out a ferocious beat. She wanted to scream, but pressure squeezed the breath from her lungs. Images of smoke and flames clouded the screen. An instant later, they cleared. The runway lights disappeared, replaced by an illuminated carpet stretched along the coastline—the glare of the cities blended together.

With a violent lurch, the Solar Vortex broke from the atmosphere and into space. The pressure vanished. Jane’s head and body felt light. She opened her hand and to her delight Eva Benedict’s ring floated to eye level. The field of view in the monitor rotated from Earth. Millions of stars now blazed across the screen. More than Jane had ever seen. More than she ever imagined existed. Nothing in her life ever produced the same sense of awe. “It’s so beautiful,” she murmured.

And here she is. . .
L.A. Kelley!!!

I’m the author of seven fantasy and science fiction adventure novels with smart female characters more comfortable with thinking rather than shooting their way out of a tricky situation. Rimrider is the newest and the first book in the Rimrock Adventures series. The second, Outlaw Jane, is also available with the third due in 2017. The story arc is a nod to the American Revolution, but with space colonists as the Yankees and Earth as the redcoats. A reader can expect to find an element of fantasy and sweet romance, humor, space battles and conflict, but no gore.

Florida is my home. The state is a good place for speculative fiction since most people speculate the heat and humidity here have driven residents slightly mad. I can’t argue that. In my spare time I enjoy calling in Bigfoot sightings to the Department of Fish and Wildlife. They are heartily sick of hearing from me.

Rimrider is available for 99 cents on Amazon or free for members of Kindle Unlimited.

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Review: Camp Dork by Beth Vrabel

Pack of Dorks, Book Two
by Beth Vrabel
Sky Pony Press
Middle Grade Contemporary
240 pages

Lucy and her pack are back, in this sequel to Beth Vrabel’s heartwarming and humorous debut, Pack of Dorks. Sheldon convinces Lucy, Sam, April, and Amanda to join him at a weeklong sleep-away summer camp—Camp Paleo: Live Like a Caveman. Like cavemen, they’re going to have to make do without air conditioning or a heated pool. They’ll learn archery and dig for fossils. And Grandma’s coming too; she’s taking a job as lunch lady for the camp next door.

At the last minute, Sam backs out to go to a gymnastics training camp instead. Lucy wonders why she misses him so much—it’s not like he’s her boyfriend or anything. Why does the word “boyfriend” make her blush, even when she’s only thinking it? She needs a distraction. Enter Mr. Bosserman, the grouchy camp leader who won’t budge on the caveman aspect of the camp. The old man needs some softening up, and Lucy knows just the person for the job: Grandma.

One successful match made, Lucy starts to see potential lovebirds everywhere. And setting up couples keeps her from facing the question tickling the back of her mind: Is she in love with Sam? But when the wrong campers fall for each other, the pack falls apart, all under the watchful eye of a super secret blogger who’s been writing about the camp’s activities Gossip Girl–style. Even worse? A thief is targeting everyone but Lucy, setting her up to look guilty. Soon Lucy again finds herself alone, left to fix the messes she’s made and face her own feelings. If she fails, the pack may be splintered for good.

Sky Pony Press, with our Good Books, Racehorse and Arcade imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of books for young readers—picture books for small children, chapter books, books for middle grade readers, and novels for young adults. Our list includes bestsellers for children who love to play Minecraft; stories told with LEGO bricks; books that teach lessons about tolerance, patience, and the environment, and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Timesbestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.


This book can be read as a stand alone without any problem.

Lucy unhappily agrees to go to camp with her friends and when Sam, the one who instigated the whole plan, backs out to go to a more elite camp, the entire trip seems to be jinxed. Especially when the camp 'the pack of dorks' end up in a rustic, cheaper camp while the neighboring one is elite pure.

This is a cute story about first boy tingles, middle school drama at camp (and we know how much drama that can be!), learning to fit in and learning to stand up for yourself. Add a lovely group of friendship and all the problems that can include, and it's a perfect summer camp story for kids 9 and up.

Lucy gets caught up in all sorts of messes of her own doing. her bad decisions--one after the other--make matters much worse. She goes against others without thinking and opens her mouth when she should keep it shut. The author does a fantastic job of showing how a young girl and easily be swept into a mountain of mess, while not necessarily being a 'bad person' herself. The struggle of balancing life choices and their consequences comes through crystal clear in a way kids will have no trouble understanding or relating to. Because let's face it--middle school is hard but camp is even worse. Especially when you are in the pack of dorks.

The characters each have their very own personality, making them come to life as if they were sitting there in the room. However, it's the dialogue which really brings this story to life. Lucy and her friends are placed in a difficult situation which not only kids but even adults understand. And her mistakes aren't that far off from ones many of us have made in the past to some degree. The life lessons are clear, while remaining down to earth and sometimes humorous too. There's just a ton to like in these pages.

It's a fun read with lots to give and will leave the reader with a few things to think about after the story comes to a close.

Cover Reveal: The Chronicles of the Heart & Soul by L.L. Hunter

The Chronicles of Heart & Soul
by L.L. Hunter 
YA Fantasy

NOVEMBER 9th, 2016!!!

Cover Designed by Regina Wamba of Mae I Design and Photography

Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR

 There was once an angel born of fire who was fated to rule the world.
Her existence was planned, her destiny mapped out before she even knew who she was.
When Scarlett was a little girl she never dreamed she would one day be the one to rule the entire Nephilim world.
Now as an adult, her nightmares are making up for lost time.
Plagued with visions she doesn’t know what to make of, and a dark secret hidden deep within, she turns to an unlikely ally for guidance.
Afraid for her future child’s life, Scarlett makes a choice that could change everything forever.
After a heartbreaking sacrifice is made,
Scarlett never thought she would ever taste darkness, but this time she can’t escape.
Especially when her son is fated to rule the underworld.
In the epic finale to the bestselling Legend of the Archangel series, will the world burn in heavenly fire or be saved by the girl who was fated to rule it all?

L.L. Hunter is the author of over 20 published works, including The Legend of the Archangel Series and The Garden of Eden. She has studied everything from veterinary nursing, forensic science, and dramatic arts, but has always known her true calling was to be an author. 

She has been writing since her teens - everything from fan fiction, to song lyrics, to plays and musicals. When not working on her next paranormal romance, she can be found at home in Australia, reading somewhere comfortable with one or both of her “fur babies.” Follow her on Facebook, Twitter @llhunterbooks, and her blog -

Instagram: @llhunter
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Review: Fall of Thrones and Thorns by Jennifer Ellison with Giveaway


by Jennifer Ellision
Threats of Sky and Sea, #3
 September 27th 2016
YA Fantasy
312 pages

War hurtles in, a typhoon over the sea.

After Bree’s life was torn apart, Nereidium had represented a haven to her. A place that—if she could save it—was beyond the King’s reach.
And, at last, she’s arrived upon its shores. But things in Nereidium are not what they should be.
The land is plagued by a rash of mysterious earthquakes, the likes of which it’s never known. The governors are distracted by old traditions, while Bree and her friends grapple with changing identities and the sense that the longer they wait to take action… the greater the danger from Egria grows.
Bree is tired of living under the shadow of King Langdon’s power. And she’s tired of waiting for him to be the first to act.
In this final chapter of the Threats of Sky and Sea series, it all comes down to Nereidium or Egria. To Bree or the King. It’s kill… or be killed.
And not everyone will escape the battle unscathed.

Previous books in the series:
20498423 Beautiful woman with katana isolated on the white background


First off, this is a series which should be read from start to finish. The books not only build upon each other and have cliff-hanger endings, but the entire series feels more like a continuing story which one can't simply jump into. In other words, this book is not a stand alone.

After reading the first two books--and absolutely loving them--I was looking forward to see how Breena and her friends would finally handle what appears to be a losing battle. I was not disappointed.

Breena and her friends have finally reached Nereidium where everyone appears to be safe. Breena, however, is separated off from her friends as she learns to deal with her new life. But all is not as safe as it seems. Nereidium finds itself being attacked in a very unexpected way, one which Breena and her friends may not be capable of putting an end to.

This series has a wonderful character arc as Breena turns from a rough barmaid into a worthy queen. But she isn't the only one. Her friends each have their own trials and maturing to do, and it's these subplots which really bring the story to life. This book is told mostly from three points of view with a couple extra thrown in as needed. The shift is well done and isn't jolting in any way. It allows insights into the thoughts and actions, which add a nice amount of depth and help bring clarity to certain decisions or actions.

There's never a boring moment as the characters find themselves, once again, at the center of the war and this time, against an even greater threat. There are some unexpected surprises, which keep the tension high. Some of the logic behind a few things runs a bit thin, but it's easy to forgive as the heroine forges off to save whatever she can. Her down to earth nature, a little bit of self-assurance problems and endless courage are simply an inspiration, not one which seems unrealistic either.

The world and scenes grab up, letting the reader sink in and disappear. Little details sprinkle the descriptions making the surroundings come to life even when the friends charge from one dangerous situation into the next. There's a nice circle to the story (a type of revisiting from moments of book one), which gives a lovely sense of closure and brings the entire thing back home. The last climatic moment ended with a dull thud in comparison to the final big battle build up, which left a hiccup, but all in all, its a very satisfying finish to an epic tale.

In other words, this final book is a good ending to a grabbing series. I couldn't put in any of the books down and was always eager to dive into the next. Fans of magic, secret princesses, heroic princes and battles to end evil kingdoms are sure to enjoy every moment of this series.

And here she is. . .

Jennifer Ellision was born and raised in South Florida and lives in perpetual fear of temperatures below 60F. She spent a great deal of her childhood staying up past her bedtime with a book and a flashlight. When she couldn’t find the stories she wanted to read, she started writing them. She has an OTP, loves character analysis, and is a master of the fangirl flail, with a particular soft spot for fanfiction. She frequently bursts into song (and they are often of a Disney persuasion). Sailor Moon is one of her favorite things on this planet.
Threats of Sky and Sea is her first novel.
She also blogs at The Bevy Bibliotheque, where she talks about books, TV, movies, and other things that she goes fangirl over. For review requests or blog inquiries, please visit to contact the blogger who best suits your request.


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Sneak Peek: Lost Wolf by Stacy Claflin with Giveaway

by Stacy Claflin
Curse of the Moon, #1
YA Paranormal Romance
258 pages

She’s hiding a dark secret. It already killed her once.
Victoria can’t wait to start college, but there’s a hitch—she can’t remember anything before arriving on campus. Her memories spark when she sees her ruggedly handsome math professor, but she senses something horrific. The shock on his face affirms her fears.
Toby is an alpha wolf who never thought he’d see his true love again—not after she died in his arms. Nothing could have prepared him for her walking into his class. But to his dismay, not only has she forgotten what happened, she doesn’t even know who she is.
He’s determined to do whatever it takes to restore what they’ve lost. Can Toby help Victoria recover her memories, or will he lose her forever?


Beads of sweat broke out along my hairline. I wiped them away, tightened my ponytail, and ran faster along the dirt trail, jumping over exposed roots and ducking under low-hanging branches. Pine trees, firs, and alders turned my path into more of an obstacle course than a trail.
A twig snapped behind me.
I glanced back, but didn’t see anything. Probably just a raccoon.
My sneaker hit a root and my arms flew in front of me. I landed on my hands and knees, and slid down an incline. Rocks and branches dug into my skin until I crashed into a huckleberry bush.
I stood and dusted myself off. Blood dripped from my legs. I pulled twigs, dirt, and small rocks from the cuts.
“Nice work, Victoria,” I muttered to myself.
Sasha had said I shouldn’t have gone into the forest for my first jog. But having just moved to the beautiful Olympic Peninsula, I wasn’t about to join a club when I had the great outdoors. Birds chirped all around and a stream bubbled nearby. It was like the woods were telling me I’d made the right choice.
Another snap.
“Who’s there?” I sounded a lot braver than I felt. My heart thundered against my ribcage and I whipped my head around. My roommates had said the woods were safe, but I was also trusting people who had been strangers only a couple days earlier.
Why had I gone into the woods alone? Wasn’t that how half of all horror movies started?
I thought of Sasha running on a treadmill, flirting with cute college guys. Maybe she was the smart one.
“Hello?” I called.
Nothing. The birds had even stopped singing.
“Is anyone there?”
The footsteps came closer.
My pulse drummed in my ears. I fought to breathe normally.
A small gray and black wolf stepped out from behind the tree. He made eye contact with me.
I didn’t move a muscle, holding its gaze.

And here she is. . .

Stacy Claflin is a USA Today bestselling author who writes about complex women overcoming incredible odds. Whether it's her Gone saga of psychological thrillers, her various paranormal romance tales, or her sweet romance series, Stacy's three-dimensional characters shine through.
Decades after she wrote her first stories on construction paper and years after typing on an inherited green screen computer that weighed half a ton, Stacy realized her dream of becoming a full-time bestselling author.
When she's not busy writing or educating her kids from home, Stacy enjoys watching TV shows like Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars, and Once Upon a Time.
Join Stacy's newsletter to get three free novels. Register here to get your books right away:


Trailer Reveal: The Sailweaver's Son by Jeff Minerd


front cover

 The Sailweaver’s Son
by Jeff Minerd
MG/YA Fantasy

The Sailweaver’s Son combines traditional fantasy with a dash of steampunk and takes young readers to a unique world—Etherium. A world where mountains rise like islands above a sea of clouds and adventurers travel the sky in sail-driven airships.
When fifteen year-old Tak rescues the survivor of an airship destroyed by one of the giant flammable gas bubbles mysteriously appearing in the sky of Etherium, the authorities react like a flock of startled grekks.
Admiral Scud accuses Tak of sabotage and treason. Tak’s father grounds him for reckless airmanship. Rumors spread that the bubbles are weapons devised by the Gublins, a race of loathsome but ingenious underground creatures. The King’s advisors call for war, hoping to win much-needed Gublin coal.
To clear his name, solve the mystery, and prevent a misguided war, Tak must do what anyone knows is suicide—visit the Gublins and find out what they’re up to. When the wizard’s adopted daughter, an oddly beautiful and irksomely intelligent girl from the Eastern kingdoms, asks Tak to help her do just that, he can’t say no.
The adventure will take Tak from the deepest underground caves to a desperate battle on Etherium’s highest mountaintop. It will force him to face his worst fears, and to grow up faster than he expected.

And here it is. . .


Author Information  . . .

Jeff 2

Jeff Minerd thought he stopped writing fiction a long time ago until the story for The Sailweaver’s Son came to him not in a dream but after a dream. He is grateful for that, and for the opportunity to explore the world of Etherium and entertain others with what he finds there.

Jeff has a son, Noah, who is also a writer and avid reader. Jeff hopes to one day place in the top ten—or maybe even top five—of Noah’s favorite authors. But the competition is pretty stiff.
In a previous lifetime, Jeff published short fiction in literary journals including The North American Review. One of his stories won the F. Scott Fitzgerald competition, judged by former NPR book reviewer Alan Cheuse.
More recently, Jeff has worked as a science and medical writer for publications and organizations including the National Institutes of Health, MedPage Today, The Futurist magazine, and the Scientist magazine.
Jeff lives in Rochester, NY.


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Review: Poppy by Clarissa Johal perfect for October!

by Clarissa Johal
Faeriemoon Press
YA/NA Horror-Thriller
265 pages

A red-headed, pink-loving mortician who speaks to the dead. 
A moody, unsociable funeral director. 
Poppy and Dante from "Struck" are back. 

Something is lingering around Skyview Funeral Home—and it's stealing souls of the dead. 
With Dante in tow, Poppy is determined to put a stop to it. 
Can she protect those who are trying to cross over, or will her soul be next?

*Poppy is a standalone novel*


This was a book not to be put down, so make sure you've got a few hours before opening that first page.

The main character is a true delight--sassy, cute, warm hearted and simply in a class all of her own. I was surprised because I assumed this would have a very dark feel the whole way through. And there are enough moments to leave strange tingles running up and down the spine. But it's more than that.

This story grabs with humor, sweetness, and pretty dark twists at times. The conversations with the ghosts are a real treat and add a lovely sense of lightness to balance off the spookier shadows.

Summed up, this is a wonderful read even for chickens like me and definitely perfect for the upcoming Halloween season.